• In response to recent regulatory changes, the KCTS has identified e-bikes both as an opportunity to increase accessibility for a variety of trail users, and as a potential threat to some existing trail user’s experience and to trail sustainability.

    To achieve an appropriate balance, 68 KCTS trails were assessed and ranked for 5 potential impacts associated with an increase in e-Bike use, initially by KCTS staff and then vetted by a sub-committee of the KCTS board.

    The results of this assessment produced recommendations that:

    • 5 trails that are currently hiking-only should remain closed to mountain bikes and all e-Bikes.

    • 57 trails should be open to Class 1 e-Bikes.

    • 3 trails currently open to mountain bikes should be closed to all e-Bikes. 

  • We are confident that these recommendations provide full and varied trail opportunities for e-Biking, while addressing the most critical concerns.  

  • Accordingly, most trails in the KCTS network are now open for use by Class 1 e-bikes, however the following trails remain closed to all e-Bikes:

    • Seven Summits

    • Plewman

    • Old Glory

  • Additionally, the same assessment process identified a need to formally designate and sign 22 trails as one-way only trails for both mountain biking and e-Biking. Most of these should be obvious, however some that will require awareness and compliance include:

    • Sunningdale (downhill only)

    • Bluffs (counter-clockwise only)

    • Dewdney (downhill only)

    • Lower Green Door (below Milky Way, downhill only)

    • Rusty Chainsaw (counter-clockwise only)