As you venture onto the trails, please be mindful that all KCTS trails are open to a wide variety of users, including cyclists, hikers and equestrian users. To ensure a great experience for everyone, please get to know our trail etiquette behaviours.

  1. Motorized trail use is prohibited. e-Bikes are permitted on most (but not all) trails as per the details provided on the dedicated page on this website.
  2. Share the trails, slow down and communicate when passing. Use your voice to warn equestrians, not bells or horns.
  3. Respect the land, landowners, and wildlife, leaving no trace.
  4. Be responsible; these trails are unsupervised and are to be used at your own risk.
  5. Cyclists are responsible for keeping their bike under control and at a safe speed at all times.
  6. When encountering other users on a trail it is recommended that cyclists yield to all other users and foot traffic yield to equestrians.
  7. Downhill traffic should yield to uphill traffic.
  8. When in doubt, give the other user the right of way.
  9. Keep your dog(s) under control and all times and pick up/dispose of their waste.