Get to Know Mxiłp Xewílh (Cedar Trail)

14 Aug 2023 7:40 AM | Steph Nitsch (Administrator)

We're on the final 1.5-km stretch of building Mxiłp Xewílh (Cedar Trail) in the Rossland Range, letting cyclists and hikers connect from Rossland to Nancy Greene Summit while barely touching any pavement. (There's about 1 km of pavement if you end or start from town.)

Assessing the build of Mxiłp Xewílh (Cedar Trail). Photo: Bohdan Doval || Courtesy of Tourism Rossland

Once completed in Fall 2023, trail users will have a green trail option from Nancy Greene Summit in lieu of the Seven Summits, inviting a wider range of skill levels to discover a new adventure from a higher elevation. Alternatively, endurance riders/runners can challenge themselves to an epic, all-day Seven Summits loop that starts and ends in Rossland without the need for a shuttle vehicle.

When starting Mxiłp Xewílh (Cedar Trail) at the summit, this 13 km, multi-directional trail weaves and rolls its way among large cedar forests and offers numerous optional trail "add-ons" for a longer adventure.

Finding pockets of bright sun and larch trees among the cedars. Photo: Steph Nitsch

Option 1:

The most popular route is ridden top-to-bottom, and upon exiting the trail, connect with Aqueduct > Centennial. This route is roughly 22 km in length (one way). Please note: Aqueduct trail remains closed due to city maintenance until further notice, so this route is not yet doable.

Option 2:

Same as above, but add in Blue Elephant before returning to Centennial trailhead — or extend it even further with a climb up Pilgrim before descending Paydirt, Dragon Tail or Gold Digger.

Option 3:

About halfway down
Mxiłp Xewílh (Cedar Trail), make a pit stop at the biathlon area and descend Larch/Montecola or BS > pedal up COG > resume your descent on Mxiłp Xewílh.

Whatever option you dream up, Mxiłp Xewílh is a stunning addition to the KCTS trail network that's rich with native flora.

Lush flora and playful creek crossings in the spring and early summer make for a cool escape from the heat. Photo: Ashley Voykin || Courtesy of Tourism Rossland

While this trail may be a recent addition to the KCTS network, its roots are as old as the cedars that grow among it. We've been talking a lot about this trail for its ability to provide an epic journey for anyone living in or visiting Rossland. But there's a lot more to the adventure than what you'll see on a map.

We invite you watch the video below from Tourism Rossland and learn how Mxiłp Xewílh got its name, how to pronounce it and the responsibility we all hold to treat it with love.

Thank you (lim limpt) to Marilyn James, the Sinixt People and Blood of Life Collective for sharing their history and culture with all of us who live and play on their unceded territory.

To ride/hike Mxiłp Xewílh (Cedar Trail) from Nancy Greene Summit

  • Park at the Nancy Greene Summit
  • Begin the first 1.3 km of Seven Summits Trail
  • Veer left onto the new Mxiɬp Xewílh cut-off
  • Keep left on Barking Spider FSR for 1.5 km
  • Keep left on Elgood Spur FSR for a short bit before reconnecting with Mxiɬp Xewílh